28 Apr

Top Online Radio Stations In Australia

Getting a radio signal can at times be a challenge especially if the radio station you are looking for does not have a frequency in that particular location. However, the penetration of the internet has come with a lot of great news to radio lovers. You can access your favourite radio stations online. In this post, we look at some top online Australian radio stations.

1. ABC News Radio

It is always a great idea to stay informed at all times. There is no better way of doing this than keeping up with the news. If you are looking for a way to do this while on the go anywhere, you should check out ABC News Radio. ABC is a reputable newsroom that has for many years been a leading station in Australia. The online version of this radio station offers you a chance to listen to truthful and timely news at your convenience.

2. Totally Radio Hits

Totally Radio Hits is an online radio station for the ultimate music lover. This radio station not only plays some of the top music in Australia but also has some amazing music talk shows. Get in the loop on what your favourite artists are up to and what to expect from the as well. The DJ mixes on this online radio station are sure to get you partying at any time.

3. SEN Sports 116 AM

Sports lovers are not left out when it comes to online radio. SEN Sports 116 AM is a leading sports radio station that you can access from the comfort of your mobile device no matter where you are in Australia. Get to know what happened in the world of sports and listen to amazing sports commentaries as well. Occasionally, they interview some top sports personalities as well.