28 Apr

All Things Music

Hitradio is a music website that has dedicated its space to all things music. The site covers different topics on the music scene including what’s trending on music charts, all things dance music, popular radio personalities and basically everything there is about music.

The website doesn’t only seek to celebrate music icons in Australia; it puts in a great deal of research in letting fans know what music is trending, which musicians to keep an eye on as well as upcoming events and a good dose of news on the entertainment industry.

The writing is mixed with a good deal of passion and wit making it a good resource centre for anyone looking for information on the Australian music sector.

Different Sections

Hitradio didn’t come to play at all! The site has different sections with incisive pieces on different topics. In case you have been wondering which radio station could possibly be the best for fans of pop music, the website has done that job for you. The site also has a section on some of the popular radio personalities in Australia, their achievements, and a hint on their private lives.

Also, if you love yourself some good music, it has compiled a good list of some the leading music charts in the country. No more boring music, run through the charts and pick that which floats your boat.

Oh, hail the queens of radio! Browse through the articles on the site and learn about some of the female radio personalities blazing the trail and a bit of history on how and where they began their careers.

For the digital natives who live on the internet, the site has compiled a list of top online radios in Australia and the kind of music you are likely to find there.

This site believes in the spirit of keeping the music going, so, put on your dancing shoes!